CSX Transportation's Beyond Our Rails

Beyond Our Rails

  • Client - CSX Transportation
  • Date Completed - 2014
  • Role - Design / Art Direction
  • Launch Website


    CSX Transportation’s community outreach initiative, Beyond Our Rails, reaches out to help local schools and recreational centers by partnering with non-profit organizations such as City Year. Beyond Our Rails is the company’s overarching program that drives most of CSX’s corporate social responsibility efforts. Collateral design extends from event signage, promotional materials, t-shirts, event booths and websites.


    This five-panel brochure focuses on CSX’s four prominent principles that are ingrained both in the internal corporate culture and community outreach. Each value—Safety, Community, Environment and Wellness—has a panel to showcase the philosophy and initiatives specific to that focus. This brochure allows CSX to connect with non-profit organizations and quickly communicate their common values and gain participation from the public.

    Volunteerism Recognition Kit

    A “Volunteerism Recognition Kit” was designed to provide CSX management with tools and incentives for fostering employee participation in service events, individual volunteerism, and initiating their own team service projects within their local communities. The kit underscores the effectiveness of appreciation and recognition.

    How Tomorrow Gives

    “How Tomorrow Gives” is a company wide initiative that encourages CSX employees to serve their local communities and non-profit organizations of their choice. An in-hand brochure was needed to introduce—a new online giving portal where employees learn about opportunities and register past contributions and service hours. In a consistent approach to that of the Beyond Our Rails brochure above, this print piece utilizes each icon associated with a category of giving on the web portal to highlight the different paths in which an employee can choose to give— Monetary, Volunteerism or Disaster Relief. At the Jacksonville, FL headquarters, “How Tomorrow Give’s” included an additional drive to raise monetary donations to the United Way of North Florida. The 5 million dollar goal for 2014 was not only achieved but also supplemented by a growing involvement in the volunteerism program as well as donations to other non-profit organizations across the east coast.