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  • Client - The Maple Guild
  • Date Completed - 2016, Ecommerce done in 2017
  • Role - Responsive Design, Illustration
  • Launch Website


    The Maple Guild is a company located in Vermont driven by passionate gourmet food innovators who know maple syrup. Their unique story, strong values, and perfected process result in Grade A syrup that far excels others in flavor. By owning acres upon acres of a single maple forest, they can control every stage of the maple process, thus achieving a purer maple experience through their signature “Steam-Crafting”.

    Our goal was to create a website that built trust in the new brand with potential distributors and wholesalers of certified organic foods. Video interviews with the guild partners in the forest tapping the trees and in the sugar-house steaming the syrup were created to invite the user into their process. The site played a huge role in the launch of their nationwide brand and getting products to market by setting them apart as being true maple.

    Maple Guild is now found in Whole Foods, Wegmans, Bed Bath and Beyond, BJ’s and other major retailers. As they continued to grow in the variety of maple-based products they offer, we created a custom e-commerce experience for consumers to purchase their waters, teas, and food items directly from the site.

    Created while at LMO Advertising